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my mater said to me a profound thing that every yoga teacher should be able to see from within and view other people in the same way is this true?

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I'm not too familiar with yoga. But I am familiar with Franz Bardon's "Initiation Into Hermetics", and I am told (and from what research I've done on my own seems to corroborate this) that IIH and yoga are very similar, and that Bardon's method of develop is very close to the yogic path of development.


That said....


There is a step in IIH when the student learns to transfer his/her consciousness into other things. At first it starts with inanimate objects, where you perceive yourself as and see the world from the viewpoint of the object in question. Then you move up to animals, then to people. In this way, the aspirant can "get into the mind" of someone else. Basically, you can learn everything about that person.


So from the viewpoint of a teacher (and Bardon makes this point as well in his work), a teacher can transfer his/her mind into the mind of the student. So you could see exactly where the student is in terms of progression, what the student needs to work on, and what to say to the student and how to say it so that the student can understand what needs to be understood.


There's another step where the student learns to identify and transfer his/her consciousness into the very center of an object. It starts with finding your own center, then you find the center of other things.


Basically, yes.


Assuming true development, that is. So I don't think it's fair to say "every yoga teacher" can do this. Rather, it's perhaps more appropriate and correct to say "every yoga teacher who has developed correctly" should be able to do it.


That's my guess though, as I haven't encountered anyone who has actually been able to do this for me. Though you hear stories of them out there.

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