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  1. Shared Meditation

    i also wanted to stress that i didnt necessarily mean sexually just pure meditation. can it be like shrooms when you share the same experiences? or see the same things? not that i have any experience in shroom taking. but thats what ive heard.
  2. Seeking my path whole-heartedly
  3. Shared Meditation

    i wanted to know if there are any dangers in connections with sharing meditation as its such a personal thing. also can you go on journeys together in each others minds. whats the mechanics?
  4. Seeking my path whole-heartedly

    im in your boat mate. look up the low fodmaps diet i have been instructed by the top nutristionist in the uk to use it. it eliminates all fermentable carbohydrates. the ones that cause gas and bloating. but i will warn you its a very hard diet to take. after two month you reintroduce one food at a time and tick them off until youve done it all.
  5. Shared Meditation

    does anyone have any insight to shared meditation with your lover? or any books?
  6. a mentor

    im currently seeing a dietician
  7. Osama bin Laden Dead

    yey bin laden is dead says america the world has been policed once more. he shouldn't have been killed. yes thousands have been killed in his political direction. but the world isnt short on extremists. he was just bigger than most others. plus the whole thing about him being next door to the training ground of the pakistani/english traning grounds is not any old coincidence. obviously pakistans government are corrupt. i recon bin laden paid them a bit of money to keep him under wraps. plus my initial gut feeling says its not him and it was someone else as a scape goat to boost barrack obamas campaign. and they delayed the killing of him until after the marriage of kate and wills. i think he was killed roughly at the same time. its a bit weird that two big events happened within a week. in short the whole thing feels a bit off.
  8. dont even pretend you know. give it a rest go about your business and admire others.
  9. a mentor

    im looking for a mentor via skype or msn someone with the most experience with healing ones ailments as i suffer from ibs and anxiety. someone who can inspire me to greater things. everything is on hault because of my low energy. i cant even work properly because my body and mind cant handle pressure. i really need some help of the highest order.
  10. confidence + arrogance + ego

    do you have an inner smile manual i could look at?
  11. Physical effects of standing meditation

    my ZZ teacher said ZZ is the connection between heaven and earth. so that comment of not having the correct posture is in correct. of course you can still exist between heaven and earth but to feel more connected the correct zz will help alot.
  12. 11:11

    i recommend you watch 23 by jim carey its a good film its about the reappearance of the number 23 also ull understand my twisted sense of humour at the end of the film
  13. 11:11

    well i do believe music is the voice of the tao