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Paul Dong-Empty Force-Energy Healing

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Many newbies want a route to siddhis well here is a man who demonstrates empty force on a regular basis. In fact when John Chang went on his retreat J.C. first westerner student went looking at different teachers and encountered Paul Dong. He couldn't knock him[Dong couldn't] over but he did feel his chi pushing his aside which made him instantly ill. Later Chang revealed to his student that his yin prevented him from doing what he said he could. Of course, you can't compare him to neigong but he is genuine and humble. The second vid. is a basic instruction on his core movements.Pay attention to his instructions regarding the hands newbies.I possess a vid. from the white cloud taoist temple[or in association with it]on empty force and the movements/postures are very similar.Enjoy.Each one, teach one!

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