Beyond Cause and Effect

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Why do we need the concept of existence? Without it we simply wouldn't have any means to represent the world in atomistic particle models that come in handy when we talk about causality.


When we call for causes, we effectively mean things which we fault with the bad and then learn to shun them. On a more general level it also has use for rationalizing all kinds of social responsibilities and actions: Because, therefore I justify my reaction, whatever the consequence. Without seeing the continuum of interaction, we disregard our role as the meditator of causal chain when it threathens our identity, the treasured sense of being something solid.


Effects suffer no better fate, for all the experiences and wisdom we might reap from our beautiful harvest of consequences, we become guilty of cherry picking the portions that serve the fixed image at the cost of the totality of life.


Does the perpetuation of unsound concepts only add more confusion and rigidity to human civilizations? By narrowly focusing on the transient phenomena, we neglect the world which carries on with its pace whether we acknowledge it or not.


Living continues along the way, but without securing a proper balance first your gait will be unsteady. Insightful I would call those who realize to set their burden on both of their shoulders equally, and sagely I call them who realize the wisdom of no-form and cast their burden off completely. I know not secrets, but my journey continues and I have found it a working method to carry on with a smile within and lightness moving every step I take. Why to hurry anywhere, since the way endures indefinitely and carries further than I could ever haste? I simply take my time and enjoy the walk.



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