Enlightenment through posture adjustments?

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First of all you should check this site's "My Strange Story" and "Bright Eyes Blog" sections. I think these have the most 'meaty' content. More specifically these links are the most relevant for this discussion, since they more or less reveal his process of bodily readjustment:


Body Posture





Magic Eye Button: The Bright Eyes and The Canine Teeth


Any thoughts? The blog post seems to describe a type of inner smile, but overall I haven't been able to figure out how to successfully implement this brilliant sounding scheme.

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Can't speak on enlightenment, but I do know that your body posture affects many things- how efficiently your body can do stuff, your attitude, where you wind up focusing, and where your energy winds up flowing.


Just stuff I have found through my own experimentation and observation, so I definitely think there might be something to it.


We are humans who have bodies!

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