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A Life of No Possessions



"No possessions" does not mean having nothing.

It does not mean being a penniless beggar.

Rather than meaning having nothing,

it is the idea of not having what you do no need.



When we understand the true meaning of "no possessions",

We can creat a freer, more buoyant life.

The pure poverty that we have chosen

is so much more noble and valuable than being overflowing with riches.

This isn't some half-hearted lifestyle attitude;

it is the choice of the life of wisdom.



When you are dissatisfied, not knowing how to be content,

it is because you cannot creat harmony with the world you live in.

If my mind is anxious and not knowing to be content within constant,

it is because I cannot creat harmony with the world I live in.



We are but one part of everything that exists around us.

Not one of us lives totally independent of another.

We are all part of a whole.

Person by person, we are each one part of a greater world.



Words like "the world" and "society" are abstract terms.

The truty is that the concretely lived life of each and every one of us

constitues the concrete reality of society.

Whenther seen or unseen, with blood relatives or not,

society is created within relationships

as we all become intimately intertwined.

This is our existence.


from the last Ven.Beop-Jeong.

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