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  1. sharing Words for starting good day...

    Hello and welcome those are good words.
  2. New dude to Tao

    Hello and Welcome. I like Biology and Psychology. Used to like Chem but not the Organic Chemistry class I took. Enjoy the insights the forum offers.
  3. I have a good friend who is young (25) and has been diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis and she decided to not use the medication the doctor prescribed. She is now looking into what other options she can use, I asked her what and she says anything. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions, herbs, meditation etc. I just want others to help us see options we cannot see. Thank You
  4. Cold Hands

    I'll check that out. I've been mainly using flaxseed oid lately due to gallstone problems. Wow. Probably many of those. This past year I've been turning my life around in many ways. Including losing weight. I was unhealthy for so long and now I eat more local organic foods or just more fresh in general at the moment and running three times a week and walking more. It's kind of like meditating. I learned of it from a friend who practices Toltec stuff from Theun Mares books. I am starting the first stage where you teach your body to relax and then you watch your thoughts allowing yourself to fall into just feeling. Then dreams arise out of it. They've shown me meaningful things whether its from someone coming to me and talking about what I am concerned about or hearing music and starting to sing my harmony to its song.
  5. Cold Hands

    Thank you lol. For some reason I hadn't thought to look at past threads. I used to meditate everyday but now its on and off because I am practicing dreaming right now. I've been meaning to restart meditation fully again though. I can tell I need to.
  6. Cold Hands

    Lately this past year my hands seem to get cold very easily. I though it was due to low blood pressure, but I have seen a nurse lately and they say I am perfectly fine. Another friend said that it may be due to energy blockages and told me how to open them but I haven't been successful maybe because I am not understanding what I need to do. I was thinking of seeing an acupuncturist, but I thought I would see what people think and suggest.
  7. Confused

    Wow Maykea brought Drew back =0 lol. Interesting dream.
  8. Confused

    Yeah, I dropped by his blog and he thinks he is banned. We'll see if he comes by again. He is also a huge advocate of meditating full lotus too. I meditate full lotus, and thats how I found this site because I was googling full lotus. It helps me have better posture and focus better. But lately I've been practicing dreaming. I reall like your enthusiasm in learning, lol, we are similar in that way. I dive into learning especially when I love something.
  9. Just an intro post

    Hello and welcome! May we join you?
  10. People just act meaner on-line

    That makes sense. lol. Its especially hard as a female playing online gaming. Not fun going against the groups that just want to be mean. Ah well, I fun anyways. You kinda just understand and let it go but there are bad days. The forums I've been on haven't been that bad though.
  11. Hi From A Lost Girl

    Hellooo and welcome. I am new too and yes meditation is a great place to start. Especially for my head that can run a million thoughts per second and needs to calm down at times and get a clear view on things. So have fun and watch all the interesting people on here cause they know a lot of things. <3
  12. Hello My Fellow Bums

    Hello and welcome, your books are very insightful.
  13. Brain mapping, orgasms, and taoists, oh my!

    Welcome indeed. Interesting article. I like to try and go against conditioned responses actively. I do meditate though and it probably helps lots. Its called not doing.
  14. here

    Hello and welcome sniff around and you'll lot's of interesting things to learn about here.
  15. Why do you practice?

    To allow myself to blossom. To acheive freedom. To relax. To allow my energy to move. To one day share my knowledge I learn with others. <3