Effie Chow and Chunyi Lin together!

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This would be a sweet energy experience to be sure. The first qigong master I experienced was Effie Chow -- I was suspicious and so called asking for my admission price to be reduced. Half price she said -- $10. And what I got was amazing. This strong electromagnetic ball of energy between my hands. My girlfriend remained skeptical. But then this security guard came in the room as everyone was leaving:


"Just wondering what was going on in here since the fuse was blown in the room next door."




That was 1995. 1996 I went to S.F. to see if I could experience more of Effie Chow. Instead my ABC high school friend took my to parties. haha. Then in 1998 I was practicing Yan Xin and then Chunyi Lin did a presentation to my graduate spiritual healing class.

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