Liufeng Sibi


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i like the Tao, been 'on the path' for over a decade


Funny that i could say so much, yet there's not much to say at the same time.


So here we are -


I'll keep on checking out these pages and we'll see what discussions we get into.


A bit about my current study -


Guan Ping Yang Taiji, Kuo/Guo lineage, 3rd generation

Chen lao jia with a student of Chen Xiao Wang


In Illinois i studied with 2nd and a 1st generation Temple style Yang teachers


This stuff takes a lifetime, seems like we might as well enjoy the ride


i've heard, read a lot about 'real' chi power and have yet to see anything truly extraordinary, though i have felt and witnessed some intriguing moments


One thing i have read and since apply is to do these practices with no attachment to result


i hold the Wilhelm/Baynes translation of the I Ching in high regard as a constant source of wisdom


i look forward to broadening my connection to true humanity and vitality here and on my other travels, and wish you all the same!


-Liufeng Sibi

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thanks marblehead!


liu = 6


feng = sealing


si = 4


bi = closing


it's one of the steps that is done again and again in the chen taiji form.


i've also seen it written as : 60% open and 40% closed


anyhoo, best wishes on your journey as well!

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