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Buddha's teaching on arguments:

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"The one who thinks himself equal or inferior or superior to others is, by that very reason, involved in argument. But such thoughts as equal, inferior, and superior are not there in one who is not moved by such measurements.


Why should a wise person argue with another, saying: "This is a truth" and "this is a lie"? If such a one never entertains a thought about equal, inferior, or superior with whom is he going to argue?


The sage who has freed himself from dependence on words and is no longer attached to knowledge does not risk the smothering of truth by engaging in disputes with people".


Sutta Nipata


...and as a another thought for the day if you will (?) a quote from the Buddha on Love:


"Those who attain perfect wisdom are forever inspired by the conviction that the infinitely varied forms of this world, in all their relativity, far from being a hindrance and dangerous distraction to the spiritual path, are really a healing medicine, Why? Because by the very fact that they are interdependent on each other and therefore have no separate self, they express the mystery and the energy of all-embracing love.

- Not just the illumined wise ones but every single being in the interconnected world is a dweller in the boundless infinity of love".




Good day

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