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Different qi types

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Ok - Here are the different energies as i see it. I wonder if you feel the same way or have any others to add. Then i have some questions at the bottom if anyone has some ideas.


In my practice there are of course the 5 ELEMENT ENERGIES of the organs with their associated emotions. I think everyone who has spent a bit of time doing the inner smile is well aware of these. Each feels very different in the ways of emotions and energy temperature/moistness/smell/colour etc. When i call forth the earth animals their energies are identical to the organ energies.


Then there is the COMPASSION ENERGY of all the 5 element energies joined together. When i join the 4 (lung/liver/heart/kidney) together i need to balance the energy between them which then the energy becomes a bright yellow/white with higher frequency but then when i join the spleen energy (which i can add in any amount without destorying the balance) the energy just gets slightly higher frequency again, yet not changed too much from just mixing the first 4 elements.

For me these can be mixed anywhere in the body (heart/dantien) and this compassion energy is the same.


Then there is EARTH ENERGY bought in by my feet/perinium which feels very similar to the kidney energy but is slightly cooler and has more of a watery feeling (smell/taste/"feel"). Bringing in lots of earth energy can make me feel tired mello and a bit lethargic. It can feel good - maybe like being stoned. It can have high pressure on it's own without any other energies added to it and i feel can open blockages well on it's own. It doesn't seem to be good at "cleaning" channels so to speak but it can open them up and (very) temporarily reduce some pain. I've had it feel icy cold before but it felt good and what my body needed. It feels ok mixed with sexual energy.


Next is COSMIC ENERGY bought in through the mideyebrow which feels identical to the COMPASSION ENERGY to me. Bringing as much of this as you can into the heart and boosting this energy higher with SEXUAL ENERGY brings blissful love feelings like MDMA extacy. It can become too blissful to bare. I think this energy makes it easier to stay in meditations for longer.


STAR ENERGY is bought in from the top of the head and is kind of like a 'get what you ask for' energy. You can bring down whatever energy you want (any energy that you have learnt to feel before or make up to feel - For some reason i've never tried bringing in compassion energy because i can get that easy from mideyebrow. The energy doesn't feel as nice and 'natural' to my body though... not as natural and as nice as the organ energy that was already in my body to begin with. Later after my body digests it, it can become that way. It seems without so much substance to it. (Like for example the flavour of the food but without the food it's self. Like tasting some banana essence but without the banana - just doesn't taste the same or as nice). Anyhow the violet light seems very good with a nice energizing but relaxing feel to it and not too harsh. It's easiest to bring hotter energy from the top of the head. Sometimes I use the red energy to help heat the sexual energy in my kan & li.


SEXUAL ENERGY i think is the most strange because it can increase the power of any other energy, but not only that it also adds it's own bit of flavour to the mix. Whether if i use it in kan & li (where it feels like it has automatically been mixed with compassion energy) or mixed with any other energy element or alloy it adds a strong 'magnetic' feeling. It feels like it really increases the ability of qi to 'clean' already unblocked channels. It turns up my nervous system (how much depends on what qi it has been mixed with), speeds me up and reduces my calm and relaxed'ness. I think when i mix it with COMPASSION/COSMIC ENERGY and bring out a loving feeling it feels great and i can feel relaxed too, but if there isn't enough loving feeling from the heart it can make me feel a bit jittery like coffee.


Generally I kind of let the energies come in together however they like and try not to interfere too much as my body probably knows what to do best. If i mix the energies in my belly dantien then i just sit back and let it do it's self until it 'feels' right. Not some unbalanced strange energy -- although i would like to experiment with such things briefly but i don't have time to practice things that i think are not right :P




1. When sexual energy is added to compassion energy my ability to feel the individual organs energy is greatly reduced. It's like it all turns to compassion energy and i have to use effort to have the energies seperate - when i need to use effort i feel this is not the right thing to do? But the organ energy can feel nicer than a compassion/sexual energy mix. What do you think?


2. When the sexual energy is mixed with compassion energy (also after kan & li) it is very high power and all my channels are pushed open very easily and it is very easy to have no thought. My body is relaxed but even though i have no thought my brain doesn't feel calm (unlike meditating without sexual energy where i feel more calm), the energy is charged up very high power, it feels reved up even though it's not thinking (even during yin phase of sitting in nothingness). Is this normal to feel reved up?


3. Sexual energy is strange in that after i ejaculate my energy feels not as grounded and a little dryer, when i haven't intentionally adding sexual energy to the mix. However if i have or haven't ejaculated for some time then i intentionally add my sexual energy to the mix it feels less grounded too. It's like the sexual energy if not intentionally tapped into has some grounding abilities, but when it is intentionally used i become less grounded. Anyone have similar experiences?


4. Always i hear about good healers and yogis that they can generate great heat. I wonder if heat is really all that great on it's own or that they equally generate cold energy too but i never hear about it. Is hot energy really superiour to cold energy for healing? If you put a heat pack on your body it increases circulation so it could be good in a similar way to that. What do you think?

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