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Icy Cold Chi

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My Chi always ranges in it's temperature. It used to usually be a warm water feeling, them after taking someone's suggestion it got very hot after doing some cooking method, then even other times after that it got very hot all on it's own.


I've been having a bit of a qigong binge and today it got icy cold. Like it still had plenty of pressure or force in it but it was ICY cold. I even tried to cook it and it warmed it up a bit but then soon later it changed back to freezing cold again not long after all on it's own. It actually helped open a large number of small blockages in my head and my left cheek felt totally numb after.


Maybe it has something to do with the temperature around here (it's like -8 to -2) or maybe it's just what my body needed. Anyhow when my body points me in a direction i don't normally force it back on it's self more than once. Worked wonders.

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