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for a year i've been practicing mindfullness (as taught by Gurapana)

although i've been kind of lazy at that....


because my ego was totally kicking my ass the last few months, the only way to stay sane was to become more mindfull.

so this week i decided to become more mindfull and i can be mindfull of my body, breath and environment


the problem is i keep forgetting to breathe which makes my heartrate skyrocket due to a lack of oxygen,

and it's really annoying!


i just made a topic about this in the TAOIST DISCCUSION-section.






i feel much better since becoming more mindfull:

-no more stress or anxiety at all

-mind is very calm


the only problem I have is forgetting to breathe?

maybe this problem has existed before i have become more mindfull,

i don't know. i think i have it since becoming more mindfull. (since this week)


please answer me in the TAOIST DISCUSSION-section, if you know what could be causing this problem.

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