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  1. Hey there!:) How are you doing?

  2. I feel like I'm being targetted

    Hello non The best thing to do is to be careful who you hang out with, don't trust people too quickly - there are ill people out there. On the other hand you can't be too paranoid either, find a healthy balance - and don't be affraid of the demons... Fear is what they're after and it is the food they need to sustain themselves
  3. what makes you raise in love?

    To have no vested interests in body or mind, makes me raise in love ----------------------------- In losing, much is gained, and in gaining, much is lost. - Tao Te Ching To know that you are neither body nor mind, watch yourself steadily and live unaffected by your body and mind, completely aloof, as if you were dead. It means you have no vested in- terests, either in the body or in the mind. - Nisargadatta
  4. The bliss that can be derived from pleasures such as sex is a reflection of the pure light. People love pleasures but once they see the pure light instead of it's reflection, sex, like all other pleasures, is recognized as unfullfilling - compared to the pure light. As long as one attaches himself to the reflections, as long as one attaches himself to impurity, one can not see the full extent of THE PURE. I wouldn't be surprised if complete retention is indeed unhealthy for the body, because the body is programmed to reproduce after all. I guess it can't hurt to have sex for the above mentioned reason, but one who finds sex makes him more (or less) happy than hitting his toe with a hammer is still trapped in duality & samsara because he has not yet perfected his vision.
  5. Shaking, Jerking & Spontaneous Movements

    A lot of questions on kundalini are answered at: One very interesting chapter there is called Pitfalls on the path _/\_
  6. First action then words

    speaking the right words can be a powerful action! _/\_
  7. First action then words

    i agree somewhat with the general intent of the threadstarter, but if you mean i can not quote other people then you're wrong. why wuld i type something with my own words, if someone else already worded things well. the result of bad actions is bad consequences (karma), so in time, everyone will REAL-ize. _/\_
  8. Ayahuasca experience

    doesn't mean you know everything better psychedelics often activate the kundalini and usually the kundalini becomes dormant after the experience in some people it stays active or becomes active afterwards. what the guy describes is kundalini imho... i've known someone who had exactly the same and it was kundalini. the chemical is already out of his body, ayahuasca does not stay active for 8 days. i will shut up now becoz i don't know what i'm talking bout
  9. Ayahuasca experience

    that's already whata the person is doing, engaging in constant activity. i think he should seek to calm himself through meditation as linked to in my signature. the problem is his internal energies are awakened but he's not centered. his monkey mind is feeling good but it's still on the run (because of fear), that's why he's so chaotic. he sounds like a text book case of kundalini syndrome. doing physical yoga poses might help too.
  10. Ayahuasca experience

    sounds like he has an unbalanced "kundalini". he needs to fix his breathing and center his mind as well. he should try vippassanaa ameditation and read nisargadatata. for more information see my signature. ejaculation might help to calm down the kundalini a little bit if it's getting too much for him.
  11. What does it mean to be 'grounded'?

    if you have a strong base, but the others aren't functioning well then one won't be grounded. to me grounded means the same as centered. the way to center oneself is to focus his attention upon him"self", see through the outer layers of mind and recognize your self as the pure substance, and keep your awareness on that always. this way all blocked energy gates become unblocked, and slowly (or quickly) one combusts spontaneously into enlightened states of blissfull centeredness. for more information on how to ground, read
  12. People should definately continue to practice insight meditation until they have insight into their true nature. Nisargadatta and ramana would call this "doing sadhana" and no it doesn't mean we need to practice mindfullness for 3 hours per day on a cushion, it means we need to practice mindfullness 24/24 during everything we do. sitting down meditation for short periods can often be good help to speed up development of insight, but it is not required. if the desire for mindfullness/enlightenment is very strong, then the mindfullness will become stronger and stronger every day no matter what we are doing... and then one day that can happen very very soon... we will be VERY MINDFULL AND TOTALLY LIBERATED FROM SAMSARA, being very very happy. even lazy people without discipline can become enlightened if they only look clearly. having a clear look isn't a hard thing to do. you're not having to do dishes or hardlabor, you can just see clearly.... and by doing that, you will see through your mistakes and they will fall off automatically. The result is that DISCIPLINE, MOTIVATION and ENERGY arise spontaneously... Even in the most lazy persons! That is why "Nisaradatta says that perfect action does not leads to enlightenment, enlightenment leads to perfect action" Although! one little tiny easy action is required to do for enlightenment to come crashing into our illusions... and that is the practice of selfinquiry and mindfullness.
  13. If reincarnation does not exist, i think it's better to not tell people this, as it may only give rise to new illusions. On the otherhand, i am willing to be honest that i don't know all the truths of this universe, neither about reincarnation. Al I know is that the light is very bright, the dark can be very dark, and the fire is very powerful.
  14. When I heard him it sounded like he really talked about reincarnation and future lives, reincarnating into pigs and spirits and stuff. If that's not what he means then why does he say it that way?