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KARMA, SCIENCE, and POLITICS..........some random thoughts

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Recently ive been thinking about karma, its mechanisms and finding a career that i can truely make a difference in people's lifes positively with


that being said im into science and was thinking of going into a career in research......but then that got me thinking about technology and all the problems it has caused.........


my conclusion as of now is that technology is neither good or evil it just depends on how it is used,


by technology i am not only reffering to modern 21st century stuff, i am reffering to any human innovation. Because even learning to use fire to cook, or a stick to defend oneself is technology. yoga and alchemy are also forms of technology.


Then things get tricky.........


lets take oppenheimer for example who made amazing developments in nuclear technology culminating in the first atom bomb. He was just doing his job, but his invention killed hundreds of thousands, and he knew what he was working on...however he didnt know how it was going to be what kind of karma does he get for this? Maybe he thought he was creating a weapon so powerful that no one would ever dare to fight wars ever again? maybe he thought he was doing the world a great favor? Plus we will never know how history would have been different if he didnt create the bomb, maybe then the US invasion of Japan would have killed even more people then the atom bomb?


so my point is karma is very complicated on an esoteric level or so it seems...........


another thing is


today technological developments are usually treated as a mixture of technology and politics, technology is used for political means and the pure scientific method has been pushed to the side. Even many scientists scoff at the possibility of some things (like chi for example) that have not been concretely proven or disproven scientifically EVEN THOUGH THE PURE SCIENTIFIC METHOD AS LAID DOWN BY FRANCIS BACON (ONE OF THE FATHERS OF WESTERN SCIENCE) SAYS THAT ASSUMING SO IS UNSCIENTIFIC BY DEFINITION SINCE YOU HAVE NOT CONCRETELY TESTED IT.


so science is not really pure science anymore its a mix of science and politics (mainly capitalism)


next topic is the differences in exoteric and esoteric karma......too tired now

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