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  1. removing sexual blockages

    I appreciate your advice, and this may be true for many people, but from my experience as well as the experience i have seen from others people that have serious blockages/mental issues may in fact not benefit from an increse in energy. I think this is because an increse in energy can increse and exaggerate their instabilities. However I am not saying that your approach is not useful or does not work. Its just that in my case when i build my energy levels too high i run into problems. I have read some of your other posts and to me it seems that you have an exceptional ability to excel in chigung related practices. Not everyone may be able to work through problems and the like as quickly as someone with your aptitude. This I think is very true, in my experience blockages in the body can be a result of thought patterns, and ones view on their own abilities and place in the world. I dont know I just feel that in the past 2 years I have no progressed and have feel into a hole with these blockages, and it seems hard for me to get rid of them as many practices just seem to increase emotions too much Some of you mentioned the inner smile maybe il get back to basics and really try that or EFT, does anyone know where I can get any good EFT material ? thank you all once more
  2. removing sexual blockages

    I think what caused the blockages is my previous use of mantak chias sex practices and pc squeezes I do not think any cultivation practices per say caused them. I do not think any one evenT in particular caused them to form. (edited to change the word even to evenT)
  3. removing sexual blockages

    I started KSMO on and off from like 2008, it was only until about 2 years ago when i intensified practice to the maximum prescribed amount (i didnt do more then recommended) did I experience the symptoms i talked about, then these symptoms went away after a few months for the most part. So I havent done KSMO for like 2 years. I do not think KSMO caused my blockages, in fact i think this technique helps clear such blockages but that in doing so it can cause such emotional disturbances. thank you all for your replys and advice.
  4. removing sexual blockages

    hello all Ok so in the past 9 years heres what ive been doing briefly.... stage 1: microcosmic orbit, cold draw, hot draw, pranayama, sexual chi gung----from here I learned how to open my orbit and circulate and gather energy, but if I retain my sperm longer then a few days or a week I become more hyper, restless, and sleeping becomes more problematic usually. So collecting all this energy seems kind of like the wrong goal for me because it is not stable. I discarded all of the muscle work exercises because i found them dangerous stage 2: KSMO-key sound multiple orgasm (jack johnson)----here i got some really good orgasmic sensations from the practice but it caused me to become even more strange feeling and hyper so eventually so i stopped. It is hard to explain the way i was feeling at the time, I was never out of control but it was clear for the first time that I had some blockage issues. stage 3: hitting on random women-----here i deceided that since i was shy of girls i would overcome my fear and find one to have sex with as maybe this would help my sexual blockages. Well I got over my shyness and have had relationships and had sex, but it hasent helped me Now I am at a point where I kind of dont know what to do. I believe i have some serious sexual blockages. I believe these blockages are psychosomatic in nature and are related to A. my views and past experiences with sex and B. my orgasmic energy being blocked. My MCO is not blocked and i can circulate chi fine, but I can not get any orgasmic feelings from it as some others do when having sex. This is another reason why I think I have these blockages So essentially I dont care about accumulating energy, chi circulations, having a relationship, I am not depressed, I think i just have serious sexual blockages and want some ideas on what i can do to get rid of them. I think KSMO is a good technique but I am afraid if i go back to it i might feel strange again. I wonder if it deals with kundalini thank you all
  5. Korean Ginseng

    As i understand it mantis you are fairly young, from chinese herbalists i have talked to you should not regularly take ginseng for long periods until your at least 40. this is especially true if the ginseng is the korean type as opposed to american ginseng or pseudoginseng. this is just what ive been told, i am not an expert nor do i know your reasons for wanting to take it.
  6. Quinoa and tryptamine

    I eat quinoa fairly regularly, and in the past week it has pretty much been my staple grain and I have not ever noticed becoming extraordinary tired because of it. just my 2 pesos.
  7. Some say Mantak Chia is a fraud...

    i used to practice his first 2 books religeously his inner smile and mco are good in fact very good and harmless BUT DO THEM EXACTLY AS HE STATES AND TAKE ALL THE PRECAUTIONS. here the only problem is bulding too much chi in your head or chest, but if you take precaustions this wont happen. Also if you or your family has a history of mental illness esp bipolar or schizo you should stay away from chi practices leading energy to the head. Chia states this as well, he also says if you have a tendency to have mental over activity to see a psychiatrist before you start practicing. TAKE THESE PRECAUTIONS SERIOUSLY IF YOU WANT TO AVOID CHI INDUCED MENTAL ILLNESS. his million dollar point is extremely dangerous and can cause irreversible damage to your reproductive tissues even if done correctly, dont do it. He came out and said himself (or micheal winn said) to not do it I am not a fan of using the pc muscle excercises either so basically i think his lower level chi stuff is very good if the proper precautions are taken, (i never tried his higher level stuff) but i think his muscle excercises are very very dangerous even if done correctly. use Dr, lins mucle technique instead for mmo
  8. Confidence practice instead of Well-being practice

    your perspective is not limited at all in fact its superpractical despite what many so called spiritual people may tell you for me the practice that increased my confidence more then any type of meditation, chi-gung, semen retention or anything was very simple it consists of hitting on a lot of random women recently ive considered public speaking as well toastmasters has free events that you can practice your public speaking at or so ive heard basically do anything that your afraid of. If youve been afraid of something your whole life you probably have a lot of emotional blockages concerning that particular thing your afraid of. By facing that thing you will release such blockages and go through an emotional and psychic trauma/transformation. cultivation many times is a lot simpler then many will have you believe. Whats more practical to visualize a circumstance or event or actually go out in the real world and face it in the flesh and blood? a lot of times you have the confidence to do these things its just that your not used to doing them so you have the perception that you do not have the confidence to do them ime. And this creates a whole host of problems if you know you have a particular deficit in your life my advice is man up and face it full force, dont sit back and make excuses as to why its not important to face. Many people do this. Dont tell yourself that facing whatever fear you have is unecessary or unspiritual and to live a spiritual life you need to lock yourself in a closet and not worry about your social skills etc. If you have a thorn in your side follow your intuition and work to get that thorn out. Dont die an old man full of regret. only then will your inner dragon be released and you will be able to persue all other things in your life more fully and efficiently
  9. non i really think you should take into account what i have said it requires only doing one thing...approaching women no matter what condition your in you can still do it if you go in stuttering and squirming it does not matter thats what i did initially approach women going in knowing your gona fuck up, you have nothing to loose eventually youll become less afraid and your confidence will grow even if you fail every time, you will see that some women will stop to talk to you esp as you get better your not different from everybody i hate parties and night life i hate a lot of music too i approach women wherever i am, when im at places i LIKE going to
  10. stuff like this happens to me all the time, a lot of girls wont give their numbers, and a lot of times even if they do they wont respond, again its a cold approach so you cant expect all too much to come of it, but its a great way to train if you need the training or have women problems
  11. ok non I have had similar life experiences as you have, and in fact I agree with a lot of what you say. and up until a few months ago I was horrible with women my whole life. I didnt have the social skills, confidence or anything to get laid. In fact the scant few women that came into my life before the past few months came to me I didnt approach them. And they all had emotional problems. Im an average looking guy, im short and I dont have muscles, in fact im skinny, and I dont make much money. I live at home with my family. In the past few months I started randomly approaching women, and in the beginning used PUA advice on body launguage, openers, etc etc. Now I dont need to use them anymore because by doing hundreds and hundreds of random approaches I now have developed absolutely booming confidence and a set of my own customized skills that match my own unique personality. A lot of PUA stuff is bullshit, manipulative, or just plain wrong in my view, but some of it can be very helpful in the beginning to get you started. In the beginning it was one of the hardest things I had ever done. The first month of random approaches was almost traumatizingly scary. My heart would be racing, when I would talk to women Id be stuttering, many would simply walk away before i could say much (still happens), it was painful. Now I have the approach down and im working on first date skills, its tough and painful because ive had over thirty dates this year and I only still talk to like 2 of these girls, and not even very often. Sometimes its hard not to think of myself as some sort of a failure, or having some major deficiency. But now because of my growth It does not really effect me much because i know if i keep going i will get it, and if i got this far so can you. Since I never really had dates my whole life I am in the process of learning how to do them just like i slowly and painfully learned how to approach. In fact im so good at approaching now I can approach almost any woman with very little fear, and amazingly i can do approaches that 90% of guys I know cant. And the only reason I can do this is because i practiced it. my rejection rate is still high but i can get about 1 in 7 numbers on cold approaches. With cold approaches however it should be understood that sucess rates are usually low no matter how good you are. In fact I have some friends that in high school got all the girls and played football and are powerlifters and my approach confidence and skills are better then theirs believe it or not, even though they get laid way way more then me! my advice to you is get on a PUA forum, meet a wing and go out and do random approaches. You will never look back TRUST ME. It will be very hard in the beginning and each day youll have to drag yourself out to do it, but please just do it. I was in the same position as you sitting in my room going on and on about theories that may or may not be correct. But in the end only practice will help you, trust me because i can tell by the way you write that we have very similar conditions.
  12. How do we lose our desire?

    solid advice
  13. How do we lose our desire?

    meditation and energy practices can be good, but also i would think the most simple and direct solution for you would be to make more friends and get a girlfriend there is nothing wrong with having the desire for more friends or a girlfriend, its just like the desire to eat or urinate or anything else, if you have that desire it means its probably a normal and good thing to live it out. Since when was it a bad thing to have more friends? do you have some problems preventing you from having a girlfriend or friends?
  14. if you think you are so wise to make such bold claims after watching a vid on youtube that for all we know could be fake, you should really reconsider the processes you use to make rational conclusions seriously for your own good man