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Taoist Philosophy

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Tao is Great, Heaven is Great,

Earth is Great, And man is also Great.


These are the Great Four in the Universe,

And man is one of them.


Man models himself after the Earth;

Earth models itself after Heaven;

Heaven models itself after Nature;

And Nature models itself after Tao.


Music and fine food make the passerby pause.


How different is that which the mouth utters about the Tao!


How tasteless, how lacking in savor!


If you look at it, you can see nothing;

If you listen to it, you hear nothing;

But, if you use it, you can never use it up.


Great Space has no corners;

The Great Vessel takes long to complete;

The Great Tone makes little sound;

And the Great Image has no shape.


Great talent takes long to mature;

Great music is faintly heard;

Great form has no contour;

And Tao is hidden without a name.


The Tao is Great but has no name.


The Tao is good at beginning things

And at bringing things to completion.


It is this Tao that is adept at lending its power and bringing fulfillment.

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