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I'm after some help because i seem to cycle around in circles in the phases mentioned below and i can't understand it properly (about 3 weeks per cycle). I know some basics of chinese medicine, i have read "Between heaven and earth" which i thought was excellent as well as reading up on the net. Also i have some first hand experience through my mantak chia style qigong for the past 3 years so i am well aware of what is happening to me at each stage but i can't figure it out in tcm terms. If i could then i could research into it and select foods and accupressure points and tailor my meditation accordingly.


Age: 27

Sex: male

Main type: Wood

Main problems since i was young: Constant stuffy nose/sinus's. Easy for me to catch cold with runny nose and sore throat or toncilitus. Recently become a bit better i think because i haven't been drinking milk or eating much cheese.

More recent problems (3 years): Burning feeling around eyes and head and chest. It's just due to being too tense and severity depends on my stress levels.

Meditation practice: Do MCO & healing sounds on average an hour or 2 a day. Iron shirt, qi weight lifting not every day but most days.

Diet: Generally eat lots of fruit, veges and meat, no processed crap. no alcohol/coffee/cigerettes etc.

Exercise: exercising alot (running/swimming/gym)


1. I feel great.

2. I begin to feel slightly anxious, very tiny amount nothing really to worry about, easy calmed through meditation.

3. Feel a little bit depressed and upset sometimes a bit of anger mood goes up and down good/bad. Between meditation sessions it gets a bit stronger. I feel the spleen has a little bit of bad energy in it but the large intestine is the main problem. After smiling to the large intestine and getting it relaxed i feel much better.

4. Breathing starts to get harder. I can breath but i have to consciously do it, it starts not too bad then gets more and more rough.

5. Breathing is more tight (not asthma feeling just tense abdomen). My large intestine feels more tense and it's harder to keep it relaxed. My bowl movements are not so regular, I feel like overeating. My thoughts begin to race and i'm not relaxed at all. I can't be 'in the now' i'm always looking ahead further and further faster and faster. If i can relax my large intestine i feel much better. When i finish meditations though it begins to tighten up again.

6. I drink alcohol and give up my diet, eat the bad food, and go out with my friends. I meditate much less, maybe just half an hour a day and I lose alot of my qi pressure. I breath easy :)

7. I get angry a bit easier than normal, i feel heat in my liver.

8. Heats removed from my liver from meditation and i'm back to step 1, feeling great.


I figure it's a liver/lung disharmony but i can't figure out any more detail than that.


Thanks in advance!


(Something else i feel i should mention. It is autumn here now and it just got real freakin cold real fast)

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