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Hello all--


quick question.


Is there any benefit in not ejaculating--meaning--like, I have sex, but dont let myself reach orgasm, I just stop having sex/pulll out. Maybe I keep going, on and off to stay near the orgasm, but I eventually stop the sex.


I don't know how to 'circulate' the energy, or whatever else gets stuck from not being released.


Is this safe? Beneficial?


If the energy has to be circulated, how can I learn this?


Simple terminology would be appreciated, as Im not sure of the actual application aspect of things like jing into chi, chi into shen. I am aware of the theory for the most part, but not sure exactly how to do it.


Steps would be great.

Step 1, cut a hole in the box, etc..


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If you are interested in converting jing -> qi -> shen -> void, I would highly recommend finding a qualified teacher. I practice but would never try to teach by correspondence. Once you have a basic foundation, it is possible to practice with occasional long distance correspondence with your teacher but I don't know how safe and effective that is in the early stages.


Just retaining in and of itself is probably completely safe. There are many healthy celibates to attest to that. Trying to take that to higher levels of transformation requires following a very specific and complex formula. Most descriptions and formulas that can be found on the web and in books are lacking either by being incomplete or misinterpreted, IME.


Good luck.

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