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Hi there, I just joined yesterday and now I'm told I have to post something here to be a "full member." I am a Christian Quaker and was working on a web page on meditation (go to page below and click on meditation link at top). My experience is mostly Buddhist so that is most of what I included, but I wanted to include other approaches so surfed around for something on Taoist meditation, and found this site. Intrigued I investigated, was encouraged to join, so I did.


More about me at


It has been a long time since I read Lao tzu or Chuang tzu. I do practice t'ai chi chuan which is Taoism in practice (?nes pas?) and would like to learn, so will be mostly listening with occasional questions. I seem to remember one of the early lines (in chapter LVI) in the Tao Te Ching is something about


"those who know do not speak [talk]; those who speak do not know."


Enough said.

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Hi Geneh,




May you enjoy your time here.


Well, just don't be bashful. Many of us talk a lot here but rarely say anything. If you have something to share with us please do.


Peace & Love!

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