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The Book of Thou Does 'The virtuous way as human in worldy life'

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From the back cover:

The Book Of Thou Does: The Virtuous Way As Human In A Worldly Life


The book Tao Te Ching is available almost everywhere, it had been translated into more than 140 languages and the publication of it was just next to The Bible during the past 2,700 years, thousands of current publications could be found in the major book stores, with explanation written by different famous authors.


However, there are readers that complained; "Who really knows what is Tao and can please tell us? We have studied the books for years and are sorely perplexed." These are the people who have the right scent in study.


Tao Te Ching is in fact the first and greatest puzzle that was created by St. Laozi more than 2,700years ago in Chinese words.


It is the time for St. Laozi to tell people in the world about "Tao" by himself with the complete contents which consist of Yang (visible) and Yin (hidden and invisible) parts in"The Book of Thou Does.


Ive just picked up this book as im researching the Dao De Jing and wanted to know what this guy Xiaozi had to offer by his addendum to this classic.


However there is no indication of his credentials, or what his wider agenda is. Can anyone here shed any light on Xiaozi and what hes about. I have suspicions as to his motives. He calls Lao Tzu, St Laozi for instance, is this just a translation/semantic issue or is he approaching the Dao de Jing from some sort of Christian (or sect of) perspective?


Xiaozi has added extra content to the Chinese version of the Dao De Jing (not a commentary but an addendum, a re-write), he is honest about this and makes it quite clear that which is original text and what which he has added. He has then attempted to translate this new work into English, his English is passable but not perfect. Nonetheless there is no indication of how he obtained the extra text he is adding, it is not made clear. Are they from historic documents, are they from esoteric sources, passed down word of mouth or within a secret society of some sort. Is it that he has just added his opinion? He seems to imply that he had some sort of "calling";

During the year 2000. Xiaozi experienced a phenomenal feeling, which made him picked up Tao Te Ching again. It was then that he found hidden secrets and finished his examination to complete The Book of Thou Does on behalf of St. Laozi.


I havnt completed the book yet, having only just received it. Giving a quick flick though I was disappointed that the actual book does not shed any new light as to my questions regarding the work and who this Xiaozi person is.


The overall message he is trying to put across dosnt seem harmful however, as he seems to be asking for people to live in harmony with nature. This is just the jest that im getting.

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I tried to find info on the author on the internet but found none.


The only thing I can suggest is that you cmopare his translation (not interpretation) to that of either Robert Henricks or Lin Yutang. These two are acclaimed to be pretty scolastically accurate translations. Henricks' is the most up to date as far as now-found originals are concerned.


Both can be found here:


Have fun.


Peace & Love!

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