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Introducing Myself

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First, thank you for providing this forum. There are certainly real practitioners here chipping in their opinion. The world has changed so much that we do need to exchange information and help each other online. I do believe it can be done respectfully, especially when judging the quality of cultivation approaches because I do think one truth most can agree on is we all need the right practice at the right time to further our development. And that differs so greatly among us that what we must do to evolve is such a personal process. The choices for a modern meditator and cultivator are so broad and subject to too many factors to result in a reductive one menu serves all outlook. So honoring each other is a fine spiritual practice unto itself when discussing such a vast field of knowledge and experience online.


My background is primarily through a teacher I will leave unnamed since they do not seek publicity and are probably not accepting new students soon anyway. From this person I was directly exposed to what some here may call a Siddha tradition (no, not the Syda Foundation, though we are very familiar with Muktananda's master Nityananda). As such, my personal experience of transmission has been very strong and tangible complete with some rather classic kundalini experiences earlier on (not terribly important I might add, not something one needs to seek to stimulate in my opinion). There has also been a strong exposure to Tibetan Buddhist lineage, primarily Nyingma.


Fundamentally, I do believe guru work can be transformative, but regardless of whether one follows that route I will always believe it is still up to you. The grace of many beings is always present to assist you, but you must do the work. There is no way without work on yourself and experimentation and steady inquiry.


Thank you again for the forum.



Mud Lotus

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