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Hi! Many of us at the taobums utilize modern tech. to enhance our meditative experience:Bum Grasshoper,Mo pai Student,me, and others.So I thought I'd link up some vids. of how this tech. can be used in our daily lives.Sadly a lot of the material is for cognitive issues rather than hardcore qi gung.Mo pai pointed out once the theta[or delta] state is similar to the emptyness state of the void Chunnyi Lynn talks about.I wonder how using the neurophone tp pulse Yan Xin's chi emitting lectures directly into the brain[rather than using the ears for sound] or any other body part would go over.Another idea might be to use cheap sound transducers[35 bucks] which you can place on the body and get an immersive vibratory experience.Similar to the vibrachair but without the sticker price shock! Anyway,as Bruce Lee said absorb what is useful and reject what is useless!

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