What is a Tao Bum?

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Hallo, my name is Kalidas. A name given me some years ago by Swami Muktananda but my real name is pretty ordinary. Have been a keen Chi Kung fan for many years and am now into the "old geezer" mode where stuff gets harder and harder to do. Have spent a huge sum over the years on just about every book and video on Chi Kung and even attended actual courses would you believe. So lots of books and dvd's have gone the way of Goodwill and the local library sales. In South Carolina, there are no teachers, sifu's, masters or pundits for this art form so total reliance on media or an expensive trip out of state to find that the course being taught is nothing but a money grab and frankly not just a load of rubbish, but in many cases dangerous to personal health and well-being. The great thing about this site is that folk are sharing their personal experiences and with so many 'ersatz' 'masters' around, thats a good thing. I dont find that arguing about this form of chi kung or that form gets anywhere. The thing comes down to personal experience, different mindsets and even background. So after so many years, have settled on Taoist (non sexual) Chi Kung for both physical and mental well being and because I want to become the oldest, fittest guy on this planet before taking my leave. :rolleyes:

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