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My name is Tony. My online alias is SecularFuture. When I was a Buddhist I went by MettaFuture.


When I was 13, I ruled out the god idea. It didn't make much sense, scientifically or emotionally, so I became an atheist.


To add a little color to my atheism, I dabbled in various philosophies. I called myself a Secular Humanist for a few years, and a Theravada Buddhist for about 3 years. Today, I've finally found a philosophy that's compatible with my pantheistic and liberal leanings.


Unlike some of the other religions that I experimented with, Taoism doesn't have any hangups about the material world or sexuality, it's not bogged down by a bunch of lists, rules, and terminology, and the purpose of Taoism is very direct and simple - to live in harmony with the Tao (or nature).


Thanks for making a forum for us Tao Bums. :P


I look forward to contributing.



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