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Simha Leon a fanfic.

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Well today is th big day. Today I get the initiation into our pride basicaly on my 5th birthday when my mane is full I get a circle on my left shoulder and a scar over my left eye. It signafies me becoming a lion I will not be a cub anymore. The tradition dates back to my great ancestores Simba and Kovu. Simba who had mastered the Circle of Life and Kovu who had a scar over his eye. I review this knowledge and wait patiently for my baboon friend who is a desendant of rafiki to come and do the initiation. Speaking of him here he comes now.


He starts off by heating a piece of metal and places it on my shoulder. I absorb the pain into myself, so that it becomes one with me. He then takes the hot piece of metal off my shoulder and places it on the ground. I glance at my shoulder The fur is gone in in a circle. The baboon then takes a razor blade and starts putting a scar around my eye. He then lays down the razor blade and says


"leon you have been know as Leon for your entire life since the begining of your life you have studied the spiritual aspects of the world and understood the circle of life. You have cultivated well. As you know With the initiation you get a new name that name shall be Simha." He told me


"I accept my new name." I replied.


"Now It is time for your final test, You shall go on a walk about." He told me.


"Where" I asked


"America." He repiled.





As I step off the plain I get some wierd looks after all It has only been like a couple of years since humans discovered the language of animals. To them it must seem very wierd seeing an orangeish red lion with a black mane walking around an airport. I dont pay them much attention and I continue to my destination the exit door. I find the exit and walk out of the airport into the big city. Right away I smell A whole lot of interesting smells. From the hot dog vendors to the bums sitting on the sidewalk.


As I continue to walk around the city I see out of the couner of my eye a person holding what appears to be a gun at a woman. I walk over to See if she needs any help. Just then another person comes walking out of the alley, he point a finger at the man and make him drop the gun by heating up the gun with his mind. I relise this guy follows the same path I do.


"I am caine I will get you to the nerest police station." Caine said to the woman.

"Come along too lion I would like to talk to you." He demanded


So I followed him and the lady.




This is all I have of the story so far Anyone wana comment. I know my writing is bad but I felt like wrinting a fanfic about the lion king and kung fu the legend continues.



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