How to Pass a Polygraph

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In today's modern world, it is entirely possible that you may be compelled or required to submit to a

polygraph test. It is extremely subjective, however they don't want you to know that. There is an interesting website that is very informative, and you should at least read this. I recommend printing it out, reading it at your leisure, and then putting it away someplace for future reference.


For example, be prepared, though, the examiner will 'induct' you by stressing the physiological processes that will 'automatically' occur when you are concealing something, they will also ask you repeatedly if you've ever researched passing a polygraph on the internet or elsewhere...proving that they are worried you're onto their game. Even if you don't see yourself needing this information, tuck it away in your brain that it's there. Know that it exists. They generally will ask you questions of a various nature, not just specific ones.


I've had to take a poly twice in my life, once when I was 20 years old and bartending, the management was concerned that some people were giving away free drinks, I somehow convinced myself in my head that I hadn't (though I had), and was one of 3 people out of 12 who wasn't fired.


Anyone else have any polygraph stories or tips?

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