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meditation timer cd's

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I originally thought about one of those meditation timer clocks... but 100 Dollars for that currently is a bit much... so I looked for alternatives and came across the following webpage:



I got the Meditation timer CD & the Practices timer CD ($6 each).



The Practices Timer CD every 5 minutes tells you were you are at in time, saying:

Five, Ten, fifteen etc.


The Meditation timer CD has 5 tracks. First track is a short intro information... each other track includes either 5, 10, 20 or 30 minutes each starting with an "Ommm" sound and ending with that sound.


I very much enjoy the meditation timer!!!


My only wish: The meditation timer before each "ommm" sound tells you which track you use... so it say: "Five" and then the "ommm" sound starts and silences and leaves you with 5 minutes silence and ends with "ommm"...


this does not disturb if you just want to do the 5 minutes or 10 or 20... but if you want to set your player to repeat one track (like for standing meditation where you want to change arm position every 5 minutes for example) then always getting told the track length is a little disturbing.


So Swami. If you read this. Maybe you can create a track with the "ommm" sound without the words telling about which time-track one is on. Reading the introduction to the disk one knows that anyway...


Nevertheless: I DO SUGGEST YOU GET THESE DISCS. They are VERY HELPFUL for practice so that you do not need to have a look on a watch (which distresses you from practice) in order to know where you are...





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