Standing in the DoorWay

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Fun little still standing thing:

Stand in a doorway, with your feet at 45 degrees and your big toes a couple of inches or so behind the sill. Hands (or fingertips) on horizontal (top of) door frame. If you just lean the little bit of your body weight that leverage allows into the doorframe, you'll just get a slight resistance that you can use to lightly engage evenly through your curved relaxed~engaged structure. :) Fun?


~ edit ~

start sorta like this


and then employ all your standing principles

- hang the sacrum, feel the earth

- open all the joints

- do your best to maintain an even amount of tension~relaxation throughout the body, "one piece"

- open your palms and soles

- breathe

- not ridged-straight like the picture, ~ obviously


Better? :) If still unclear lemme know.

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yes I get it!


Holding ZZ throughout the day, in exercises like this, even pushup position, I think it is really good training.


I truly believe that staying in the state of bodymind that zz requires 24/7 will bring self realization. It's as simple as being here and now, and surrendering with high awareness.




I believe it was Wang Xiangzhai's Daughter Wang Yoo Fang(?) that said to hold a smile whenever you stand, that smile will stay with you your whole life if it is with every standing session.

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ZZ leisure form, for everyday practice:

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