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Hot turned cool

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One thing I've pondered lately..


Before when I used to do the Power Lock exercise, meaning the one where you arouse yourself and then pull up the sexual energy, it used to feel quite heated. Now lately as I've done it the energy has clearly felt cool instead of warm, just a refreshing feeling of sparkling and shivering cool "electric" energy. When I've gathered it in the navel, it has moved rather slowly like a thick goo, and then when it's all been gathered it's felt cool also in the navel.


I wonder if this has anything to do with the Tao Yin exercises I've been doing daily for the last month or so.. I feel a lot of chi movement after doing the 1 hour to 1 1/2 hour-set, so I'd assume it has opened some channels. Perhaps my energy balance is more yin than before.. After beginning with those I haven't felt any unpleasant sexual urge, though I certainly haven't lost my "sexy feeling" :D

So while I appreciate all insight on the subject, I also want to strongly recommend the Tao Yin (probably any chi kung does the same) to all who are doing semen retention and the exercises involved. I just woke up in the middle of the night (I knew I would fall asleep while putting my kids to sleep so I set an alarm to wake me up) to do these practices and I sure don't regret. B)


God bless,


King K

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