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Adventures in iaming.

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So the main practice of AYP is to say Iam to yourself while sitting comfortably. It's quite nice. So I then flipped to the back of the book to do the souped up mantra that is expressly warned against and gave it a shot: shree shree iam iam om namah om namah.


Doesn't sound dangerous does it?


One of the themes of AYP is to open the 3rd eye before you monkey with the crown chakra. I can see that in terms of pranayama/chikung drills and I have a friend who has very bad crown chakra problems so I see fit to stay away from crown type chi drills, but I figured a few mantras couldn't cause any trouble.


The problem with experimenting per AYP is that there's a delayed response to some of these practices and you can suddenly find yourself a hurting pup in daily life.


So I tried the megamantra for the last week and yesterday I flew through a red light :blink: Fortunately, nobody was killed... nor hurt... nor even in the intersection with me but the only other time that happened to me my brake cylinder had died. That level of spaceyness could only have come from a bit too much dialation upstairs.


So it's back to iam, but it's fun to see there's a kick to it!


-Yoda in Hyperspace

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