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Reflections on Yin and Yang

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Recent discussions on retention, nocturnal emissions, Drew's post, and "manhood" got me going back to basic principles of Yin and Yang. These are just personal insights and speculations...not facts. Be free to disagree. :rolleyes: .


The nature of Yin is to receive and Yang is to give. The proper functioning of this relationship makes a harmonious union of the energies. Done successfully, it results in love and wholeness.


The point of retention for males is to utilize externalized Yang energy to copulate with the inner Yin energy to begin the alchemy process of guiding the body into a state of fullness and bliss. However, this cannot be done with the habitual energetic patterns engendered within oneself from societal conditioning of mind and body.


The principle that guides modern society is misdirected desire. Ignorant of the complementary way of Yin and Yang, men believe that their nature is to receive (this most likely comes from the inability to control the Yang energy and the fear of its rejection). Consequently, all kinds of problems and aberrant behaviors arise. Giving and receiving become desires to possess, take, and control.


The females as "victims" lose their potentials to receive and nurture the Yang energy of males. Believing that they are supposed to serve and become subordinate, the compassion becomes a feeling of inadequacy, fear, self-hate, distrust, and anger. Both males and females come to repel each other instead of actualizing the union of Yin and Yang. (Evidence of this can be seen everywhere :( ).


A true cultivator who has complete control over his/her Yin and Yang properties should be knowledgeable of both how it applies to the body and social relationships. Alchemy doesn't just happen within the body, but externally as well. Continually harboring the attitude of "taking" will remain a major obstacle to progression on the Path. Realize that the individualized body is itself a blockage. Limitless compassion brings about the natural copulation of Yin and Yang by breaking down the barriers of a self centered mind. One shouldn't scoff at virtue because it is the most important aspect of practice. :) .

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