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Story time.....

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Know about the time when there were souls and no bodies.


This was a time of a few years, but each of those years was one of our millennia.


The souls were all arrayed in line.


The world was presented to their sight. Nine out of ten of the souls ran towards it.


Then paradise was presented to the remaining souls. Out of these, nine out of ten ran towards it.


Then hell was shown to the remaining souls. Nine out of ten of them ran away from it in horror.


Then there were only a few souls, those who were affected by nothing at all.


They had not been attracted by the earth or by paradise, nor had they feared hell.


The Celestial Voice spoke to these survivors, saying: 'Idiot souls, what is it that you want?'


The souls answered in unison: 'You who know all know that it is You whom we desire, and that we do not desire to leave Your Presence.'


The voice said to them: 'Desire of Us is perilous, causes hardship and innumerable perils.' The souls answered him: 'We will gladly experience anything for the sake of being with You, and lose everything in order that we may gain every- thing.' - Ilahi-Nama (Shah 74) ^_^

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