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  1. Hi Yoda, Its always a pleasure to chat here, you hit the nail on the head about nondual cultivation, Once i felt it, I lost my desire to search for anything outside of my self anymore. I am is a great starter for me, and I also use AL Lah quite a bit - Allah is heavier though, so I recommend Iam for anyone in the beginning stages. As I go deeper during meditation, the sound of the silence/stillness allows me to drop what ever mantra I'm doing and i just..... be How is your cultivation comming along? ( trying to politely carry on the banter;0) Cheers, Farooq
  2. Hi Ian, Thats pretty cool that seeing the Kabaa reminded you of my experience at the Hajj. I guess this really means that us taobums are really connected All the best to you and yours Ian, Farooq Hi Mal, The online class is free at oprah.com They have a class every monday at 8 pm central, and if you miss it live you can download it later. Basically you don't really need the class if you read any of his books, and sit everyday in stillness. I like the class because its nice to groove in real time with Tolle's vibe. peace and smiles
  3. Hi Yoda and everyone! I hope every one is well. It has been a long time since i was on this board. Wow things look really nice here..... way to go Sean! I had been meaning for so long to come on here and thank thelearner, Michael for steering me to check out Echart Tolle. I try to minimize my surfing on the net nowadays, but when I heard about the Tolle/Oprah event, I logged on and afterwards, I decided that a post here was long overdue. My reduced net surfing coincided with my reading of the power of now and a new earth. After reading Tolle, I felt much better. I found what i was looking for. Now, It is really neat to see his stuff getting so mainstream. Hats off to Oprah for that. So again thank you so much Michael, you helped me transform from a seeker to a finder. Blessing to you and yours. btw Yoda, I also am still into Yogani's teaching as well. I hope all is well with you and your family. Peace and smiles to all. Farooq
  4. hagar

    Wow! You will be sorely missed Hagar. I for one, greatly appreciated your insight and wisdom. All the best my friend Farooq
  5. The Mantak Chia of Yoga;0)

    Hi turbo, After doing a class, i feel for the rest of the day surprisingly 'cool' I mean in the class we are literally cooking from the heat and exertion, but afterwards... espeacially if i have stayed in the corpse pose for a good 5 minutes+ after the class...... later on i feel very temperate - not too hot nor cold. On a different note, more girls attend than guys. And the girls are definitely more flexible than us
  6. The Mantak Chia of Yoga;0)

    Thanks Sean, This Coach Sonnon is a really cool guy to be so open to learn from so many different paths. Very interesting threads I totally agree that the corpse pose between the floor poses is crucial to 'digest' what gets brought up from this activity. At the very end of the 90 minutes, we are encouraged to just stay in the corpse pose for as long as we want and do nothing - very wu wei So far i've gone to 6 classes, and i hope do do alot more cuz i really feel its opening me up big time
  7. pray for Cam's knee!

    Hi Cameron, Good to see that you got through the surgery alright. I was reading about this Bikram yoga founder and he busted his knee when he was young. His Guru healed him, but Bikram regards the knees so highly now that he says you can mess with Shiva and Kali but not with your knees As I mentioned earlier, try to keep your palms on the area affected for as long and as freqently as you can. There is great healing energy in your palms.
  8. Well as Yoda knows, i'm really into the AYP stuff, so i thought i would check out my local yoga school Welll let me tell you i stumbled into a 90 minute torture chamber I always thought yoga was a soft relaxing activity, but not Bikram yoga. This guy Bikram Chaudry came to hollywood and created a yoga system where you are 'locked' into a room at 42 celsius or 105 degrees for an hour and a half of really tough almost impossible asanas or postures. A lot of big name entertainers swear by his yoga, and he has gone on to make millions by franchising his schools all over the world. His website says there are something like 3million students. I saw a clip of him teaching a class with just a speedo and a jewel encrusted rolex watch. (move over Mantak I have to admit that i am really getting into it. The postures are really complimentary to all my chikung and ayp practices. All my channels are really opening up as a result plus i'm losing a lot of fat around my belly
  9. The Secrets of Wilder book review

    That is sooo funny Well i'm glad that you are liking that novel. I also wonder how autobiographical the story is? As Wilder goes deeper you find just how far he goes off the charts to what society assumes is'normal' If Yogani can only do half of what Wilder does in the book, the man is advanced indeed. btw, Yoda did you get the reply to the pm you sent me a while back? How would i know without having to ask?
  10. Couple of Tao Practitioner Links

    Hi Matthew, I would like to add the following link: http://www.fire-serpent.com/ Angelique is right up there in my book Her BDSM stuff is used as a screen to filter out people who are too polarized. In meeting her, i found a wise, kind, funny and enlightened soul.
  11. The Matrix

  12. Advanced Yoga Practices

    So i polished off the 'secrets of wilder" very sweet sweet read He has illustrated what i came to realize too: these practices we do are tools that not only benefit us physically and mentally, but ultimately take us up to the pinacle of spirituality. The ultimate end of all the really beneficial techniques and exercises allows us to meet our Creator, with no intermeadiary or ambiguity, nor leap of faith. the reality of it becomes all encompassing. I am in awe of Yogani's knowledge and ability to convey what are very very powerful tools to spark the deep transformative changes of any one who has the desire to be all they really are
  13. Kids - young tao naturalists

    We've got 3 girls one boy. It definately is not easy being a parent but i must say it is a blessing and a honour. And when they are all asleep..... its pure heaven
  14. Kechari Baby!

    This Kechari stuff reminds me of a HP Lovecraft story: http://www.dagonbytes.com/thelibrary/lovec.../frombeyond.htm The movie though is VERY over the top - not for everyone believe me In HT i learned about putting the tip of the tongue below the bottom teeth and body of the tongue on the upper pallete to activate the cranial pump. or putting the tip on the hard pallete (fire point)to facilitate the MC. Putting the tongue on the soft pallete was called the 'water point' After all these years my tongue seems to always be on the roof of my mouth - so i thought taking it further back would not be a problem.... well i can just barely get to the base of the uvula... which has resulted in a definite increase in the flow of my MC. When my tongue is in that position i'm feeling a strong connection between my eyebrow point and the sperm palace. I must admit it feels pretty fine Now this may sound strange but after a while i felt compelled to see if my tongue could go further iif i was standing on my head no such luck as far as i could tell.... but my head did get gorged with energy and blood. I'm reminded about how India's old PM Nehru, said that he would stay in a headstand for like a half hour each morning btw in one of Pakistan's large cities called Fasialabad, they have a very famous street called .....Kechari Road
  15. Story time.....

    Know about the time when there were souls and no bodies. This was a time of a few years, but each of those years was one of our millennia. The souls were all arrayed in line. The world was presented to their sight. Nine out of ten of the souls ran towards it. Then paradise was presented to the remaining souls. Out of these, nine out of ten ran towards it. Then hell was shown to the remaining souls. Nine out of ten of them ran away from it in horror. Then there were only a few souls, those who were affected by nothing at all. They had not been attracted by the earth or by paradise, nor had they feared hell. The Celestial Voice spoke to these survivors, saying: 'Idiot souls, what is it that you want?' The souls answered in unison: 'You who know all know that it is You whom we desire, and that we do not desire to leave Your Presence.' The voice said to them: 'Desire of Us is perilous, causes hardship and innumerable perils.' The souls answered him: 'We will gladly experience anything for the sake of being with You, and lose everything in order that we may gain every- thing.' - Ilahi-Nama (Shah 74)