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The Microcosmic Orbit...

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Each point in the Orbit is anAcupuncture Point. If you know how to needle, you

can efficently use these points for alot of purposes.


Much more to that, the Orbit is very mysterious.

It seems to be designed by Nature.

The more Dao practices you get into, the more the Orbit will open up.


Its the first of the 8 Psychic channels in the Dao.

All are important along the path.


Inner Smile

Six Healing Sounds

Microcosmic Orbit

Healing Love


These four core practices serve as your root in the Dao of Meditation.

Things can get very complex quickly in the practices.

Its important to make these practices First with your chi gung.

The key to the Healing Sounds is Reptition.

More you sit and do them, the bodies intelligence will pick up on their benefits

and start to incorporate them on its own.


In the beginning you just got to take some TIME out to practice.

To sit queitly and meditate.

Later on it becomes more efficent.

But in the beginning its really a matter of regimen and focus.


Learning the Dao takes alot of memorization.

Beyond that, it takes actualization.


Start by integrating these practices into a moment experience.

That is, see if you can experience each at the same time.

Break it down at first ofcourse.

Then start to integrate.


Pay specific attention to the Virtues...

The 5 Elements...

The Planets...



Use the Chi Nei Tsang to stimulate the points!

Do some Chi Gung to get the Chi flowing...


Get the colors right!


Spiral in the Lower Tan tien to collect energy.

Sit in Wuji...


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What has helped my orbit is the chi gung form on Michael Winns Fundamental's 2 video. It uses whole body movements to open up orbit and other channels so its not so much a mental game only.


Its great to do outside. I'll usually follow it up with his simple Pan Gu form, I forget which video that is from.


Listening to Minke's Tao Basics guided meditation really helped me get a better feeling for the orbit. Its one of the 4 meditations she has on that CD. Its great sound effects, biaural music. She takes you up each point front and back. Then has you run a single pearl up and down for a while, then 2, then many.


They move faster and faster around the orbit until they become a liquid spring, at that point you let your breath push the orbit around, finally sitting back in the tan tien and watch it flow. Later she leads the orbit into the macro, through the legs and arms.


On the same CD she has a sexual energy meditation w/ packing, tonsil breathing, sexual energy moving up, smiling energy moving down. Its the only guided meditation that actually can bring me to sweating.



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