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Hi everyone.


Recently I met this Thai monk whom my friend said could see into people's past lives.


Briefly this is what happened:


Brief background of this monk:

- He was a white-robed Ajaan (or sorceror) before he ordained.

- He meditated 5 days and 5 nights with a friend. His friend passed away during meditation; he came back, a changed person, (I would think) attaining some spiritual level.

- In one of his past lives, he was a disciple of Xuan Zhang (the Chinese monk who transported the Buddhist Sutras from India to China; he is made popular by the Sun Wu Kong tv series). In another past life, he was the disciple of 6th Zen Patriarch of China Hui Neng.

- In his past lives, he had lived in Tibet and China.


I asked him a number of questions. One of them was:"Please tell me about my last life in brief"


His answer:

- I was a Taoist practitioner living in China on a mountain in my past life.

- I had failed to realize the Taoist goal.

- If I wish, I have to re-learn everything I had forgotten in my past life.


He also said that I am the disciple of a Taoist Deva (or celestial being), and this Deva is in my body.



Can anyone provide guidance or recommend some Taoist master (preferably in Singapore, where I reside) to verify what the Thai monk told me? Or you may recommend some other reliable master (not necessarily Taoist) or psyhic (whether fee for service charged or not) to me. Thanks.



Another reason why I am here is that I am looking for healthy and constructive discussion/exchange with spiritual (or even occult) practitioners of other traditions.


I am a Tibetan Vajrayana (Buddhist) practitioner but I welcome discussion with those practising other forms of spirituality or religion.


Thanks. :D

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