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  1. Why e-sangha is starting to get on my nerves

    I hang out there as well. You need to recognize that the moderators are not Enlightened. If you wish to hear the views of Enlightened people, there's one I know: Garchen Rinpoche. You will find the things he says free of conceptual thinking that many regard as Buddhism.
  2. scary stuff

    In my opinion, Patrick is right, because there is only One Truth. Buddhas existed before Shakyamuni Buddha. And the real Buddhism existed before the term Buddhism came about.
  3. What you think of Witchcraft?

    I think real witches (of the European tradition) are rare today, if any still exist. My familarity is with the "magic" scene in places like Thailand. Those with real power can be found there, even today.
  4. Beware! I rather you practise something else. There are many other tried and proven legitimate systems out there. http://www.buddhismaustralia.org/cults.htm
  5. Advice Needed

    Tantric sex can be practised without a physical partner. However, it is strongly advised to get an authentic guru to teach you. It might be safer to get one from an established spiritual tradition.
  6. How to commit suicide?

    If you want to experience death, and still live in this life, you don't have to kill yourself. Just practice Dream or Bardo Yoga. The dissolution of the elements at the time of death is similar to that experienced when those Yogas are practised.
  7. Speaking in tongues - christian version fake?

    Why were you forced to witness it?
  8. My Jade Buddha amulet crystalized?

    I tried moving the "crystalization" (a little bit of it), but it can't really be removed.
  9. This is strange. It appears that my Jade Buddha amulet (Somdej to be exact) has some sort of "Crystalization" which wasn't there when I first got it years back (I have an early photo of it which does not show the "Crystalization"; this is a more recent photo). I had transferred some of my Kundalini energy into it some years back. I just find it strange, so I'm sharing the story here. Perhaps those viewing this can share their thoughts/comments.
  10. Gauging a local 'master' ?

    Which Tantric masters are those? For me, I believe Garchen Rinpoche to be Enlightened.
  11. Is there a Taoist version of Dream Yoga?

    What's his name or lineage? Any way to contact him? (via meditation, in dreams for example) Thanks for sharing. What does the author of the song mean by "home-returing"? Does it mean returning to his Original Nature or just his native home (town or village)? To all: Plus, please see this help thread of mine : http://www.thetaobums.com/Hello-t10329.html Thanks.
  12. Hi, anyone here knows if there is a Taoist version of Dream Yoga? Just asking. (Maybe we can compare notes; I'm into Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhist spiritual practice)
  13. Cool stuff. Any updates?