Affordable eeg biofeedback device

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i like the ones that you can hook to a computer and biofeedback train yourself with a game.

one example is this one:

not so expensive, but not too cheap either. reasonable prices sometimes at ebay imo. the shop price is a bit too high imho ..... at least for many.


oh, and here are other ones;aq=f&oq=


p.s. would be nice if there are a lot of games for this, and many kinds, maybe one for games consoles as well.

and also a special branch of software developers just for this kind of thing.


p.s.s. another thing that may also be nice is the mousepointer that you can controle with your mind and typing the keyboard with your mind.







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Very interesting. I would love to hear from someone who has used this. When its that cheap it is probably not so specific either. But if it actually works I really would love to have one! I have been looking at this one: but its a little more expencive.


I bought at skin resistance biofeedback device some years ago and was really dissapointed. There was no way of comparing sessions because the measurments was relative to the pressure on the skin. And the range of measurments was also very limited. So its only usage was to see the relaxation responce. And that got boring after just a few times...

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