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Wu Wei

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I really dont think Wu Wei means no judgement...

Actually, I think it could mean judgement or no judgement.

I do agree that its like pure action!

Something that evovles out of practicing the Healing Love for a long time.


Its like when you've reached such a deep level in Chong Mo that you can

Literally flow with the situation to maximise your utility...


Anyway, Wu Wei is a great alchemical principle.

Its the alchemical theory that really opens up the deeper reality.

Without it, well I cant even imagine it!

Alchemy is something really unique.

Its like a key to more freedom in the present moment.


Merging with the whole???

Maybe its more Helping the Whole.

Like a Bodhivistta. :)



Like the Cosmic Parents...

Heaven and Earth!



"On and On... South of Heaven"...



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