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Pulse meditation?

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I had an idea the other day. Since pulse diagnosis can be used to asses your health quite precisely it could possibly be used as a form of biofeedback. Since it is possible to learn to control things like relaxation, bloodpressure (I think) and various other things using a devise wich creates a sound or color to show you have your state is and that changes accordingly if you change your own state. If one can listen to ones own pulse and nows what an ideal state is one could presumably in the same way learn how to put ones body in that ideal state by seeing what makes the pulse go in the right direction and what makes it go in the wrong direction. Since pulse diagnosis embarces all aspects of health it would presumably be the best all round measure of the state you want to move towards. To feel ones own pulse in this way seems very advanced so doing it directly would probably be a very advanced practice. But if one could find something that measured the pulse according to the various criteria of CCM and have that translated into colours sounds or numbers people with not so much experience could presumably make dramatic changes in health. I realy have no idea if this could work but thought it sounded possible. What do you think?

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