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  1. the question i asked yi . . . what do i need to understand about my dream, being an eagle free, restricted then shown a way out? yi response . . . hexagram 48, the well interesting sequence . . . the well follows from hexagram 47, oppression: he who is oppressed above is sure to turn downward. Hence there follows the hexagram of 'the well'. for context . . . this then is the whole story of the dream i was a bird, a big bird with large wings, an eagle flying high in the sky and over the hills and valleys, over vast lush beautiful lands. it was wonderful soaring through the sky, my beak parting the wind; i could feel the wind curl the tips of my wings, as i was flying, i suddenly became aware of high walls around me. even though i was in the sky, i could not fly over these walls. there were no gates or doors or windows to exit from or enter into. and now, the walls contained all this vastness : the hills, the valleys and sky. i continued flying around and somehow, realised that the enclosed area was a u-shaped structure and now i was no longer aware of what was outside the space i was in, except for the grey interior. i flew around this u-shaped ‘structure’ and suddenly became aware of a man on the ground, way down below and i swooped in his direction. he opened a door and he went through it. in that instant, i awoke. i had this dream in 2003 why now . . . i ask now 'cause i've experienced, metaphorically speaking, a wake-life parallel any thoughts, interpretations, etc. most welcome