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  1. O Thank God !

    I have been following this news story, with some trepidation and angst . There have been a few cases of missing or abducted little kids over the years , some with horrible results , or no results at all . A little boy , went missing a couple years back, south of here . Someone knows something, its rather heart wrenching to see the poster of him, innocent cute little kid in his spiderman outfit ( what he was wearing when ( probably ) abducted . There are some VERY SICK people out there . Well, we had another one about 5 days ago ; 3 year old boy, parents and him moved to new house in country to 'escape dangers of covid in city . Then he goes missing . HUGE police search , nothing ... nightfall , the next day still nothing . It gets cold, rain sets in, then heat . Imagine how the parents felt ! Mon was pleading on tv . After 4 days most of us where fearing the worst - police where dam diving , a 'suspicious car' was being examined .... Then after 4 days , last night a news bulletin comes on , and I am watching in dread ..... ' I dont think I can watch this .....' but then ; sitting in a creek drinking water . Dad ; "He's got some nappy rash, he's been bitten by ants, he's fallen over — but he's alive," he said.