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Found 1 result

  1. I have been practising this method on and off for some time now going by the instructions given by Bill Bodri which you can buy from his website, or there are some basic instructions of the method here . It basically consists of giving away your body, visualising your skeleton as white light, then imaging your bones turning to dust, which is the best method I have found to get to a somewhat empty mind and purifying the channels. But then I was reading 'The Anapa Chi Conversations of master Nan Huai-Chin and Peter Senge' and master Nan said: "In the White Skeleton meditation practice, the Buddha taught us to meditate that the skull is chopped off and placed upside down inside the cavity below the rib cage. If you can visualize that, for sure you won’t have high blood pressure." Which confuses me as I have not heard this aspect of the meditation in any of the instructions I have ever read of the method, does anyone here have any more information about where this aspect of visualising the head in the body comes in during the meditation or know of any instructions anywhere which includes this aspect?