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  1. In our experience we will find four categories of individuals in this world -- pāmara -- The spiritually blind vishayi -- The spiritually inept jigñāsu -- The spiritual seeker mukta -- The (spiritually) liberated Isn't it strange to encounter some people who seem to be completely oblivious to spirituality in their lives, and live day-to-day in the quest of sense pleasures, wealth and the acquisition of more and more of the same? There is no scope for spirituality in these people, rather they move from sense reaction to sense reaction. Such people operate from the lower three chakras, but mainly the second and third chakras --- sensual desires and power/wealth/control/ego. Such people are called "pāmara" in the Vedantic traditions. Then we find many others, who are caught up in their lives and livelihood, though with a tinge of spirituality. These people have some spiritual inclination, even it is a token lighting of a lamp or candle at a place of worship or a daily prayer. These are called "vishayi". Then we find the rarer few who are genuinely driven by a thirst for spiritual knowledge, albeit with varying degrees of intensity. Such people undertake spiritual practices and maintain a regular practice etc. This category is called "jgñāsu" (the seekers). Finally, far and few are the muktas, the liberated ones. They shine their light and show us the way to move from darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge and Self-realization. Would love to read some thoughts on this subject