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  1. Time and Qi

    Time is a strange dimension of our existence, supported by qi, and is always important for our cultivation. In Taoist alchemy, there are at least 3 scenarios showing you its significances : 1) At which time you do your cultivation/meditation does matter : It is no exaggeration to claim that in certain period of time, for example , from 3 am to 5 am, if you can wake up to cultivate , then it is many folds more effective than the cultivation you do in other periods . And anyone who can sustain such a habit for a long time, she definitely can achieve something great; 2) As "Rise of yang' or ' Pop-up of a mindless Mind" is something always happen in a flash of second , if you can't grasp it in that short instant, or you try to add to it any extract idea, it immediately disappear and escape from you ,making resumption of your practice something laborious and discouraging. 3) After having succeeded in stopping the leakage of jing / your periods , the time of your existence start to 'stretch ' , and it is no longer calculated by decades or centuries . In science, a biological clock on molecular level does not necessary equal to a physical clock on sub-particle level , but in Taoist alchemy, we do not have to differentiate it because a mindless Mind ( which strangely related to how full our qi is ) smashes our illusion toward time , despite whatever level it is situated , and can end its physical effects on us . In this sense , hardly can Taoism agrees with the prevailing idea of " Living well in the present moment " as a solution for troubles and sufferings in our seemingly short and unpredictable life for no mind is the best mind, no time is the best time.