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  1. A Lineage of Dragons

    I'll start with a question: How the hell can a person be a human being and a Chinese dragon at the same time? If anyone has any insights into this go ahead because I really would like to know. Later I will share the long story (long to write, maybe I'll make a video instead) of the steps it took me to discover that I'm a dragon, a black dragon to be specific, the most yin of mystics, direct from the void to you. I consulted the I Ching, something I rarely do, to see how best to go about writing this. Since I started experiencing a lot of synchronicity and psychic abilities I found that I have a magical relationship with this book, The Complete I Ching, the definitive translation by Taoist master Alfred Huang He looks like a joyful guy, in the same way my chi kung master had an energy that sparkled and a joy that was contagious. The first time I used that book I got Gua #1 and immediately after that I got Gua #2, it's like I was being given an introduction to the I Ching, and Confused Tzu in fact wrote that it is essential to learn from those first two in order to be able to learn from the rest. This time I got Gua #1 again, Initiating, Heaven over Heaven, looks good; and with the changing lines it changed into Gua #58, Joyful, Lake over Lake, looks good too. Both of them being two of the eight guas that are formed by doubling one trigram. The commentary about #1 seems to be describing my chi kung system in a way: Vast indeed is the greatness of the Initiating. It is the source of all beings And regulates all creatures under heaven. Clouds flow and rain falls. All beings complete their forms. Greatly luminous from beginning to end. Each of the six stages completes itself in it's own time, A mounting of the dragons soaring in the sky. In ending, for now, I want to tell you about my guardian. I found out through the long slow process I mentioned at the beginning that my guardian is a white Chinese dragon. A pale off-white dragon, who I have spoken with. The white dragon embodies the fullness of yang, after which things dwindle; and so it is said in the literature that when the white dragon comes to visit a practitioner of the Way that they die shortly thereafter, except for me, a black dragon that embodies the fullness of yin, after which things blossom and grow. So, you may ask yourself, why do I have such a powerful guardian?