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  1. Dear friends, Here's a "grand unification" of a multitude of esoteric subjects. I'll deal with this grand unification under four headers: 1) Karma, reincarnation, auras and energy 2) Magic 3) Spirits 4) Conclusion 1) Karma, reincarnation, auras and energy Inside and outside the human body is an aura. We ARE our aura, it's not simply a product of your physical body. It is actually the body we're inhabiting temporarily, the aura is what's permanent. This aura has many layers to it. Each layer has different information and functions in it. When we interact with other living beings, we send out energy. This originates in our aura, is shot out from our aura, and enters the other being's aura. Everything we've ever thought, felt, said or did imprints our aura. We carry it around with us. It's like a grand archive of everything that's ever happened to us, in this and also in past lives. Every good thing we've thought, felt, said or done leaves a positive imprint. Every bad thing we've thought, felt, said or done leaves a negative imprint. The moment we use our free will to manifest thoughts, feelings, words or deeds, this produces the energy imprint. This imprint is just like a letter. We're the sender of that letter. However, what we don't realize is, we're also the future receiver of that very same letter. What we send out, we will receive again. For better or for worse. Karma is not somewhere up in Heaven or the sky, we carry it around with us. It's in our energy field. That means we can actually be walking around with a car accident hanging over us. We can also be walking around with a million dollars. Due to the workings of the law of attraction and repulsion, coupled with karma, we will receive our self-created destiny when conditions are ripe for its manifestation. Our energy field is like a magnet: it attracts to us what we want, need and desire, HOWEVER, this is also coupled with our karma. Similarly, we repulse everything we're fed up with, dislike and want to get rid of, HOWEVER, this is also coupled with our karma. The laws of attraction and repulsion function jointly with karma. The good news are, we are the makers of our own destiny. What you've previously sent out, you're bound to receive. However, if you've sent out something bad, say a 1000 thefts, you're bound to receive a 1000 thefts. It's there in your aura with you, everywhere you go, attracting theft towards you like a magnet. However, the moment you no longer have it in you to steal from someone else, this karma is erased. This is "the forgiveness of sins". This is because the logical meaning of the law of karma is to function like an educational tool, continually feedbacking us about our way of life. When we learn our lesson, there is no logical nor loving meaning in us receiving galore bad karma in that particular domaine anymore. We're ready to learn new lessons. We carry this energy field with us from life to life. We ARE that energy field (or aura). 2) Magic Magic functions completely like explained above. The only things that's different is that you don't do physical deeds to achieve your end, but restrict yourself to thoughts, feelings and words. For example, if you want to magically attract money, you don't go to work for it (that would be the normal physical action). Instead you generate the thoughts, feelings and words (you can also use mantras) to generate a similar energy. This can then enter your personal aura, the aura of an item (ring, necklace etc), or a particular place (your office, shop, bureau etc). This energy then enters the aura and works magnetically to attract and repulse. Somewhat similarly to if you had done normal work. The only difference is that there's only a thought, feeling and word imprint, instead of both the thought, feeling, word AND deed imprint (going to work in this example). That's how all magic works. Thoughts, feelings, words and deeds, and in accord with the law of attraction, repulsion and karma. Completely like normal, everyday actions. The same principles, just invisible. But they both (magic and normal actions) enter the aura and work in the same manner. (of course when doing the magic you can also do physical actions, like lifting something, drinking something, waving your hands, mudras etc. This is also a physical action. When I talked about "go to work" as an action, I simply meant as the normal recourse for someone wishing to earn money) The last thing that's different with magic compared to our normal everyday actions, is the use of spirits. Spirits are simply dis-incarnated souls, or people (actually more precisely their auras, or their true soul, their immortal energy field) without a physical body, i.e. between lives. 3) Spirits If you want to accomplish a certain task, say, lift a 100kg, you can do it with your own physical body, with a machine, or by employing workers. It's similar in using magic, you can do it yourself (then the power of the magic depends on the power of your own energy), or if you can somehow get someone else to help you, that's another possibility. Here the exact same rules apply as everyday life. If you're very strong and muscular by yourself, you can lift the 100kgs yourself. In using magic, that would simply mean you use your own energy for divising the magic (using thoughts, feelings and words). If you're not strong and muscular, you need help. If you have the money, you can buy a machine to do it for you. Money in our magic example, is giving spirits who have the capacity for performing the task (similar to the machine), what they like. That could be money, gold, incense, food or very, very particular and strange things (they of course have no use for physical things, they like the energy they can get from it). If you want to employ workers, the same goes as in everyday life. Say you want to get a job done, you need someone willing to do it. You can't just go and demand your nextdoor neighbour to build your kitchen. He has his own life. However, if you're the president of a country, of a company or of a politically influential organisation, more people would be willing to work for you. This is because they would be able to acheive some of their own ends, e.g. prestige, money, power, fame or whatever. It's the same with spirits. If you're at a very high spiritual level, more and stronger spirits naturally want to help you achieve your noble aims. 4) Conclusion What has meditation, qigong, yoga, breathing exercises, performing noble deeds, forgiving those who wrong us, being compassionate and loving towards all living beings have to do with this post? Well, it's all related. Meditation makes your mind peaceful and clear, making it easier for you to stop wrong actions, and plan towards good actions. This helps you stop and get rid of negative imprints/karmas, and instead build only positive imprints/karmas. You mindfully apply the science of destiny. Furthermore, having a peaceful mind gives you more mind-power, thereby increasing your energy. Yoga and qigong produce good imprints of physical health, strong energy and a peaceful mind. Performing noble deeds produce good imprints and attracts more goodness towards you. Forgiving others is actually the most logical thing to do. Why? Because it's your own karma returning to you. If you accept and forgive, you exhaust that negative karma and instead send out a karma of love (through forgiveness). If you keep doing bad to the ones who do bad to you, you simply continue that negative karma. Being loving and compassionate towards all living beings, produce the imprint of making all living beings loving and compassionate to you. Magic and spirits work according to the exact same rules as everyday life, it's just invisible. Just like our normal karmas are invisible. However, they're all right there in our aura, following us everywhere we go. Therefore the most logical way of life is: 1) Do everything you want that makes you happy, healthy and fulfilled.. AS LONG AS 2) You never produce actions which hurt yourself or others, physically or mentally, now or in the future