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  1. Jim McMillan has passed away

    Hello All I wanted to introduce myself. I am Jim's most senior student and have worked with him closely for over 5 years. I have some terrible news, after communicating with Jim's family, my teacher and friend Jim McMillian has passed away this week. With their permission I share from a letter: " dad passed away due to kidney failure caused by prostate cancer related complications. I am grateful, as the doctors said that kidney failure is not a painful way to go. His official cause of death was armed service related, as ground troops in the vietnam war were exposed to "Agent Orange" a chemical herbicide and defoliant used to make the jungles less dense and more navigable. Unfortunately, those that were exposed show a much higher rate of different cancers, as well as other health complications. I feel extremely bad, if not cheated, evidence suggests that the military and their think-tanks knew about the harmful effects of chemical defoliants on humans, yet they told the troops that Agent Orange was perfectly safe tot he human body, and veterans have always had a hard time collecting benefits or injury claims because of this. If you want to know anything more about Agent Orange you can read its wikipedia page, that will have most of the information on it." The family have been very appreciative of all the support from everyone. Jim shared with me many personal things about his life over the years. He had a very tough life...and yet even in his last bed ridden days he still was helping his students constantly. It was Jim's dying wish for myself and the others to continue serving god. He did this by sharing neigong knowledge with people wanting to learn, as he and I believe it is mankind's god given right, not isolated away from humanity. I believe this art may not be for everyone, but should be accessible to everyone; I don't believe entirely in the institutional view of karma, as each normal person makes amends and ask for forgiveness throughout life to become better people. So I will continue searching, and searching for acceptance for knowledge beyond the foundations. And I will help others find this also. Has anyone heard of disclosure project or sirius project? I've never said this before but like these respective cover ups I am led to believe even today there has been a systematic eradication and isolation of chi masters/knowledge (particularly china/tibet, isolation in west). I think in order for humanity to continue to exist and evolve, this "chi cover up" must be exposed and shone with a bright public light. Perhaps this protection could be established some day in future... God bless you Jim and thank you for bringing magic to our lives