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  1. Taoism and Race

    If you see yourself as a "westerner" and not just a "human being", do you think others will see you as just another "human being" and not just a "westerner" If a society or organization can't get past its prejudices to see what kind of person you truly are, then do you think such a society or organization is worthy of your time in the first place? The way I see it.. if a "westerner" is not accepted as a student of asian teachers.. then there must be two issues here.. first issue is that the "westerner" doesn't have sufficient redeeming qualities of being that teacher's student.. second issue is that the teacher is incapable of seeing past skin issues and thus not worthy of being the "westerner"'s teacher.. both issues clearing showing that the "westerner" shouldn't waste time with such a teacher anymore.. just to reveal something about asian societies here.. many asian teachers have no problem rejecting students of their own race and have done so on too many occasions.. "westerners" or "non-asians" shouldn't feel that they should be given special treatment just because they are of a different race color.. a truly enlightened teacher will see past any person's skin color to the person deep inside that particular human, regardless of his skin color..

    Do you think they care about doing things not worthy of their time?
  3. Punishment for not doing the right thing..

    What do you think is the punishment for not doing the right thing?