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  1. IS Martial arts still Martial arts

    I think a very important part of a martial art is the practical application of it . I left my hapkido academy because although the throws grabs, joint locks kicks punches were all good the sparring was only one step sparring and no one had the heart to commit and it was constantly told to us that "we do not care about competitions this is for our self improvement " I agree with self improvement there's only so much semi sparring will help you improve . I have noticed throwing arts like aikido, hapkido, judo take many years to use against someone who has a true hurtful motive on you. throws often require perfect timing and bit of luck. There's another reason practicality is even more important
  2. IS Martial arts still Martial arts

    I definitely agree. It's down to the fact we don't have to fight to survive so most of us live soft life's sheltered and safe which means why don't have to learn a martial art to defend ourselves. Martial arts used to be for general and monks alike it was definitely a lifestyle choice I swear I've I could find one place that could train me how they used to train I'd live breath and train there
  3. IS Martial arts still Martial arts

    Thanks for the recommendations guys I took a look and will definitely do my research. In terms if mma do you guys feel that the martial arts mixed martial artists learn is legit. It must be quite hard to validate there techniques as the techniques are put all together to cater for one individual which for instance would destroy the economies of motion principle adopted in wing Chun or the stride motion of a hapkido practitioner what are your thoughts on this guys ?
  4. IS Martial arts still Martial arts

    It's interesting hear everyone's opinion it's good that you guys have found somewhere were you can train hard or know of places. These places are disappearing at an alarming rate and these days it's so difficult for a beginner to tell a bad school/good teacher from a good one . I'm sure many of us would love to go to Asia to learn from this masters but sometimes more often than not its difficult to do such things as we all have commitments and responsibilities. You often don't find Genuine Eastern Masters in West countries they are hard to find especially in London where I am currently based . I would like to learn Practical Tai Chi if anyone know any schools or has any information about Wu style tai chi Chuan academy bethnal green I would greatly appreciate the assistance
  5. It has been brought to my attention by my Sifu of Buddha Fist that the Martial Arts practised now days in Western Countries are to put it lightly bull****. To paraphrase what he said in a conversation with me he goes" its 2013 you're not gonna learn an external art that does you in the real 'Martial arts' were taught years ago in modern society we dwindle our time away there isn't enough time . You have to train 8 hours a day for that sh*t and these modern internal arts are full of sh*t they just talk talk talk if you ask anyone of them to spar with you they will give you a blank look or some BS about how it's dangerous anyone who is unwilling to touch hands with you is full of c**k " Forgive me for the abrasive language my Sifu is very opinionated but also very talented. But back to the issue this conversation rocked me quite badly as it in most cases is very true . Martial < War is a term used when killing is involved back then individuals made it their lifestyle. It's seems most martial arts practioners seem to do three things later in their martial arts journey they either quit and give up saying there's not enough time, can't afford it it's just a hobby etc , become a teacher with an appalling level and watered down martial arts which they intend to pass on and it becomes watered down even more compared with those in Eastern countries or and this is quite rare they become a good teacher and maybe even a master one day. Some schools claim to be full time but they are not there approach is so outward and westernised that consumerism has taken its toll and it often becomes about money. Schools don't train hard or smart enough there are so many students that no one gets attention these are all common errors in western martial arts schools. it's so sad to feel like Martial arts is becoming fake and mostly impratical in this day and age . How many of you can truly say you've been in a life or death situation and your martial arts prowess has saved your life ? Kudos to those of you who can but its not just the fighting that matters it's the way a martial art is used in everyday life which in my opinion is also key to being great in any art form. Now the reason for the post is I'd like to here everyone's opinion on it what I would also like to do for the benefit of everyone is for people to post where they have found schools which are fully dedicated to all their students and train hard and have produced true martial arts masters in the past and it has effective been passed down and is represented in the training. I apologise for any typos or writing errors made on my part. I think it's important to discuss this issue and if any eastern martial arts masters are on this site please give us your opinions I implore you .
  6. Shaolin Temple UK

    Thats such a shame. True martial arts masters are very hard to find these days. I have only found 3 martial arts teachers that seem to be worth their wait in gold Adrian Valman (Karate) , Sifu Garry Mckenize (Wing Chun) , Sifu Kevin(Buddha Fist) if you know any Sensei's.Sifu's or Sabounims who train their students hard and correctly please let me know. Especially if its related to Mo Pai
  7. Shaolin Temple UK

    Do you have hands on first hand experience that it is a fraud art. I've heard they do 72 styles and have also seen a live demonstration of some pretty solid shaolinesque activites. I am aware of Shaolin Extermination * sad face* my Teacher of Buddah Fist said that Shaolin Temple is a great commercial venture.
  8. Shaolin Temple UK

    I am currently aware of the Shaolin Temple UK in Tufnell Park I am wondering if anyone has any experience of this temple ?. Also,If the martial arts and meditation practised there is a high level i would greatly appreciate the help. Xandre
  9. Hey

    Hey i'm Xandre im new here just introducing myself. I am a student of Wing Chun, Krav maga and tai chi. I am currentely in the search for a perfect (or what i perceive to be perfect) internal martial art as well as a good master in the these arts Mo Pai, Ba Gua, Tai Chi, Chi Kung